Sporepedia Action Stream

Ever since Will Wright did that presentation about his new idea for a game, I have been fascinated with Spore and desperately awaited it's release.  Now it's here and the reaction is mixed, but the game certainly has a certain appeal.

Once you've made your creature, you can share it on the Sporepedia for others to download and to eventually feature in other player's universes.

Here is an Action Stream plugin for MovableType 4 that will share your creations with your website visitors!  For an example, look around the home page or the "Elsewhere" tab.

Installation is a standard unzip and overwrite then add the follwing line to your CSS:

.service-spore{ background-image: url(<$mt:StaticWebPath$>plugins/SporeAS/images/spore.png); }
At present, this just tracks creations, achievements and Sporecasts are in the works.

See posts below for latest version.
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