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Travel Butlers provide tailored holiday packages in South Africa and the neighbouring countries.  Traditionally their website development had been done in-house but they needed some advanced Google Maps API programming to push their site forward and make the experience for their customers that little bit better.

Working together with Travel Butler's director Paul Campbell, Dixcart Technical Solutions produced a module they could bolt-on to their existing website and infrastructure that would automatically generate a number of different types of Google Map; from details of attractions in specific regions to itineraries for individual bespoke holiday packages.

Example Travel Butlers Map 3Example Travel Butlers Map 4

Built from the ground up, the solution allows them to customise anything in the map and replace all of their existing static image maps with interactive versions all from the same code-base and an XML file.  Working this way meant that Travel Butler's in-house developer only had to produce simple XML from their own back-end to be able to create any number of different map varieties.

Example Travel Butlers Map 1Example Travel Butlers Map 2

The Dixcart Group has a number of serviced offices in different locations including Surrey, Isle of Man and Madeira with a new office being set up in Guernsey before the end of the year. They have performed well in each of the existing locations.  

The Isle of Man centres, have however, enjoyed a huge amount of interest since launch and as put it:

The Dixcart Group's managed office service, the only one of its kind on the Island, has been declared a success. 

Suites in the Dixcart Business Centre - the recently refurbished Britannia House, Athol Street, and also at 69 Athol Street - began the new year close to full occupancy.

Dixcart Technical Solutions set up the IT when Britannia House was converted into serviced offices, supplying and fitting all of the networking equipment including the SpliceCom phone system. This hooks into the Group's system. The Businesses Centres are kept separate but the phone system allows the Surrey, Isle of Man and Guernsey Dixcart office to provide cover for any the three offices, when needed.  

The communication network for all of the serviced offices is managed by Dixcart and provides each tenant with their own private network which is either connected to a shared building internet line, or to their own dedicated internet connection if they so wish.

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Dixcart Technical Solutions are working for a client on the beta of which allows job seekers to automatically register themselves with multiple job boards, affiliates to offer this service to their user base and job boards to get more relevant people signed up.

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Dixcart Technical Solutions are pleased to announce the latest site to be added to our portfolio,

The site was commisioned by London & Bath Estates for an exciting new development project in London and is a simple CSS and HTML wesbite with a little JQuery thrown in for good measure.