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Although data costs when at home are practically zero these days, and there are plans to reduce the cost of roaming when in the EU, using data whilst roaming is presently very costly and with more reliance on fetching e-mail whilst away from the office, bills have already started to creep up.

On more than one occasion Dixcart have had a very large bill dropped on our doorstep for unintentional over-use of data whilst roaming.

If you have a company mobile, PDA or iPhone and visit other offices, or even take your phone on holiday with you, read on to find out how to save yourself and the company a large phone bill.
Dixcart Technical Solutions are working for a client on the beta of Joboso.com which allows job seekers to automatically register themselves with multiple job boards, affiliates to offer this service to their user base and job boards to get more relevant people signed up.

Screenshot of Joboso.com