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The next logical step from displaying a thumbnail of your posted or favourite videos is to actually enable playing of the video in your own webpage.  Thankfully, this is simple with youtube's embed code and your Action Stream.  I've now added this to my video calendar page and i think it looks good and works rather well.  It may be a little to much to add it to the home page, plus we don't want that to slow down any, it's already having to grab resources from all over the place anyway, so adding 9 embedded videos may be a little too much!

Code after the jump..

Please Note: This is for version 2.0 of the Action Streams plugin, for the 1.0 list see this post.

Differences and additions between v1 and v2 are highlighted in yellow.

Additionally, v2 has not yet been officially launched, as such this list may change between now and launch and I will only be highlighting differences from v1 to v2, not from now to v2.

The following is a description of all the fields found in the default plugin (without any additional profile plugins) in the following format:

  • service_type
    • stream_type
      • MTStreamActionVar name="xx"
One important difference to note is that between "stream_type" and "service_type". The difference is a stream type gathers together similar feeds, i.e. the photos stream_type will be all services where you post photos to, whereas a service_type of �flickr� will just be all actions based on flickr (including favourites etc).