September 2008 Archives Action Stream 0.1

A very simple action stream to add your activities on to your stream.

The plugin pulls in plugins you have posted and your "activity" as defined by the list on your profile page.

As the actual XML for your recent activity is not very useful, this pulls out the relevant information and formats it for stream display.

This first version is rough round the edges for the "activity" stream, I would prefer it to display exactly as it does on, but the plugin section is as good as it will get!

Feed and category available as usual.

Download Action Stream v0.1

Action Stream field list

The Action Stream plugin provides a lot of information about your profiles which isn't accessed by default.  With a little playing (as described in my previous posts) you can really start making your action streams work for you and provide a "lifestream" to your own blog.

The following is a description of all the fields found in the default plugin (without any additional profile plugins) in the following format:

  • service_type
    • stream_type
      • MTStreamActionVar name="xx"
I will try to keep this up to date as new streams are added to the plugin.  One important difference to note is that between "stream_type" and "service_type". The difference is a stream type gathers together similar feeds, i.e. the photos stream_type will be all services where you post photos to, whereas a service_type of �flickr� will just be all actions based on flickr (including favourites etc).