August 2008 Archives

Yves Luther has come up with another great idea for action streams, however his solution didn't quite fit with what I expected it to do, plus it doesn't "strap on" to the default action stream templates very well.

The problem is when you use feeds that are updated frequently, Last.FM listened to tracks and uploading whole sets of photos, it floods your action stream with so many entries that other things can get lost in the noise.  Now if you're like me and listen to music all day every day, then you would normally just turn off something like the feeds.

However, wouldn't it be nice to capture and show that information in a way that doesn't compromise the importance of other items in your action stream?
Following on from my last post about combining Action Stream data with entries (which has been superceded by an offical MT post and plugin from one of their devs), the next thing to do with Action Streams is to change their appearence based on their content/source.

The mechanisms to do this are all included in the plugin, but require a little tender love and care to get the desired effect.  Here is how I did it.