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First off, credit where credit is due; this method is entirely the property of Yves Luther, I am merely providing it in English in an instructional capacity.

So, you can see on my home page that my blog posts are nicely mixed in with my action stream entries, which for blogs with infrequent updates or personal sites, means you have a collection that summarises (most of) your activity on the web as a whole.  The beuty of Yves solution is it's simplicity and flexibility.  Once set up, the choice of exactly how to display your home page is completely up to you.

Also on my home page are variations on styling and content based on the service providing the action, this is something I will detail in a later post.
At last I can make this 1.0!

IE6 is not yet perfect, but as good as it can get until Yahoo! update the CSS for the editor.

Download YUI Rich Text Editor for Movabletype 4 v1.0

Version Notes:
  • Width tweaked to make IE6 look better